Thanks for visiting my Portfolio. Then in 1986, Christine began work firsthand with prominent UFO researchers and parapsychologists with their investigations into UFO and ghost encounters. She sat face - to - face with witnesses to accurately portray their unusual experiences in the manner of a police sketch artist, while at the same time finely tuning her psychic ability. After twenty three years of illustration more than 300 renderings of actual events, Christine has perfected her ability to tune into the mind of the witness or the psychic imprint of the event. Her reputation as a "psychic artist" is now widely known. She has worked with more than a dozen researchers on books, documentaries, and television shows. She has been published with Simon & Schuster, Schiffer, and Chelsea House to name a few. Her adventures with renown researchers Preston Dennett, Barbara Lamb, David Sereda, and many more have rendered great images for the world to see. The illustrations have been aired with History Channel, The Learning Channel, Ancient Aliens and her work has been used in a cult television series Roswell. Today, Christine works directly with investigators and witnesses to draw a wide variety of paranormal events. She lives with her husband in California, Los Angleles. Every day she receives new illustration requests for new eye witnesses.